Cherie’s Summer Hill Bathroom Reno



Home owner Lisa, bought this apartment ten years ago and has been renovating areas of her home ever since. She hasn’t started on the bathroom yet as she feels it’s a big job and is slightly nervous to tackle this part of the renovation herself.

Ideally, Lisa would love her new bathroom to have a modern, fresh and clean look. In the very near future, Lisa will be making a sea change and relocating to her investment property in the Blue Mountains so she’s hoping that by updating her bathroom, she’ll attract a good tenant for a decent rent.

Lisa has allocated $2000 to cosmetically spruce up her bathroom. Not knowing exactly where to start, Lisa has called on the help of Cherie Barber to offer her guidance and knowledge, especially on renovating on a tight budget.



Cherie’s renovation strategy was to create a modern and fresh looking bathroom without structurally altering anything to help increase the value of Lisa’s apartment. The cosmetic scope of works included:


  • Removal of old shower screen and replace with clear glass shower screen.
  • Install new removable timber floor then apply sealant straight over
  • Remove old shaving cabinet and install new mirrored wall hung cabinets.
  • Extensive tile painting.
  • Paint existing walls and ceiling.
  • Install new bathroom vanity.
  • Install new window furnishing.
  • Retain all other fixtures and fittings.



Property Value (Before Renovation): $550,000

Renovation Spend Total: $2248.94

Renovation Timeframe: 3 days

Property Breakeven Point: $553,000

Property Value (After Renovation): $580,000

Gross Profit Margin: $27,000


*Homeowner upgraded to frameless shower screen during reno. Original quote / budget was $700.00 hence budget overrun of $210.00









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11 Responses to “Cherie’s Summer Hill Bathroom Reno”

  1. Peter

    How did you secure the new floor in this project???

    • adminrfp

      Hi Peter,

      The floor was sitting on top of wooden batons which has been secured to the original flooring. This was done to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance of the new floating floor. C x

  2. Jacqui.Siggins

    This bathroom makeover looks great! Can you please tell me what removable timber flooring you used.

    • adminrfp

      Hi Jacqui, The flooring was constructed from Merbau timber and was able to be removed for cleaning underneath. C x

  3. Moira

    Hi Cherie. Can you paint floor tiles in a bathroom and kitchen area? If so, are there any other considerations. Over and above the process covered in your recent video. Thanks for making diy straight forward and for building our confidence.

    • adminrfp

      Hi Moira, Thanks for your message 🙂 There is only one product on the market currently that is able to be used on floor tiles. This is called Rustoleum ‘Tile Transformations’ kit and can be purchased at Bunnings. You’re limited to white though and to my knowledge this product cannot be tinted to other colours. I also have never used this on a floor myself so am unaware of the durability of he finish. You might want to instead look at using vinyl floor planks like Gerflor which can be installed DIY over the top of your floor tiles and come in a range of wooden look finishes. I’m hoping to film a step by step video based on this product soon. Hope this helps! C x

  4. Alison

    this looks amazing!!! I have a similar dilemma, I want to renovate my bathroom, but not too sure which way to go about it. Is there competitions we can enter to have your help Cherie?

  5. Jess

    Hi Cherie!
    Another amazing job! I know you’ve converted rooms into bedrooms before but have you ever added a bathroom to a house? Eg if there is already the room for it but you want to make a 3×1 into a 4×2. The cost of adding a second bathroom is what concerns me. Thank you!

    • adminrfp

      Hi Jess, I have added bathrooms however only in larger structural renovations as your budget on a cosmetic reno will not allow for this. C x


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